Long-Term Asset Preservation: Commercial Property Maintenance Guide

Long-Term Asset Preservation: Commercial Property Maintenance Guide

Boulder, CO, has a vibrant economy. With 8,800 employers and 120,000 jobs, it's an exciting place to do business. There are opportunities in the aerospace, bioscience, and IT industries, making it an appealing place to own a commercial property.

However, in order to keep those rents rolling in, every owner must schedule commercial property maintenance. What essential jobs are needed for long-term asset preservation? Let's explore some jobs that need to be on every maintenance checklist.

Spring Maintenance

Boulder property management is mainly dictated by the climate. With a typical range of 22°-87° F throughout the year, it's crucial to get seasonal maintenance right.

Spring is all about assessing the damage that winter has done. Wind, snow, ice, and extreme cold can damage building facades and structures.

Spring is also the time to:

  • Change air filters on HVAC systems
  • Check gutters and downspouts, removing blockages
  • Inspect the roof
  • Check the outside areas for signs of damage

Summer Jobs

As things warm up, pests can start moving in. Check for any potential entry points and work with pest control to remove anything that has taken up residence. Also, check the trees around your property and arrange to trim any that could cause damage during summer storms.

Also, during the summer, issues with your AC system may become apparent. Schedule a service before the hot weather really hits so it doesn't let you down when your tenants need it the most.

If this sounds like a lot of work, property management companies can ease the load. They either have their own workers or work with local contractors to take the strain out of these arrangements.

Fall: Prepare for Winter

Fall is all about preparing for the harshest time of year. Check your roof is in good condition and your gutters are ready for winter downpours and snow run-off. Get your snow removal contract in place now.

Also, go back to your HVAC system and replace the filters again. Now's the time to get the furnace serviced before it springs back into life and works hard in the months ahead. Also, check external pipes are well insulated.

Fight the Cold in Winter

Winter is not the time of year for major professional property care and maintenance in Boulder. It's about checking everything is running smoothly and dealing with minor issues as they arise. To protect your tenants (and yourself from litigation), ensure that there is a robust protocol for managing snow and ice.

Your Partner for Commercial Property Maintenance in Boulder, CO

Commercial property maintenance is definitely the boring but essential side of being a commercial landlord. These property maintenance tips can help you create a plan for each season. However, there is an easier and better route to long-term asset preservation.

At Team PMI Coal Creek, we provide a comprehensive solution for commercial property owners, taking care of everything from leasing to maintenance. Let us protect your assets while you watch the rents rolling in. Click here to learn more about our commercial property management services.