What Can a Property Manager Do for Me?

What Can a Property Manager Do for Me?

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and run down. Those are common feelings among landlords because this is a challenging job.

As a landlord, you must manage your properties, tenants, and finances. There is a long list of things to do, and you might wonder when you can take owner disbursements to make money.

This is where a property management firm can help. A property manager can do many things for you, alleviating your duties while helping your properties thrive.

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Tenant Management

First, a property manager can take over all your tenant duties. As you know, there are many responsibilities relating to this aspect.

You need tenants to fill units when you have vacancies. This process requires accepting applications and screening candidates. The faster you do this, the more rental income you earn.

A property manager can also address all your tenant concerns and questions. They'll address repairs when tenants report issues. They'll address neighbor concerns if problems arise.

Finances and Owner Disbursements

Next, a property manager will handle all your financial activities. They'll record all the income and expenses and handle your owner disbursements.

Property managers create reports that summarize your finances. They'll do this while you earn a passive income.

Being a landlord has challenges, but is it more trouble than it's worth? The answer is no if you handle the work properly. Fortunately, hiring it out makes this simple.

Maintenance and Repairs

Your property conditions matter a lot if you want to attract and keep great tenants. Therefore, a focus on maintenance and repairs is essential.

Property managers inspect all units routinely. They make lists of the work needed and will discuss it with you before completing it.

Property managers also use maintenance checklists to keep up with the work the properties need. You won't have to worry about any of this, yet the work will get done.


One area of property management you might overlook is the legal aspects. Running a rental property business requires keeping up with landlord-tenant law in Colorado.

However, keeping up with the new laws can be challenging. If this happens, you will face legal consequences, and avoiding legal issues is better.

Property managers can assist with these tasks. For example, they'll handle the situation if you have a tenant who won't pay their rent. They can file the eviction and follow through with it through the legal process.

Learn More About Property Management Services

From owner disbursements to choosing good tenants, every task matters. Unfortunately, managing rental properties is a time-consuming and stressful job, but you don't have to do it alone.

The solution is to hire a property manager for help. They'll help you operate your business successfully.

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